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Biotech Cellulose Ester (CE) Membrane:

Dialysis Tubing & Dialysis Trial Kits

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Biologically inert & ultra-pure, Biotech Cellulose Ester (CE) Membrane offers the largest range of concise MWCO's raning (100 - 1,000,000 Daltons) for desalting, isolating ionic species and macromolecular purifications. Biotech CE membrane is more sensitive to harsh conditions and solvents and generally tolerates weak or dilute acids & bases and mild alcohols with only a slight change to the MWCO. Exposure to most organic solvents may damage CE membranes. Use with pH 2-9 & temp 4-37 °C. Biotech CE Tubing is available in 10 meter rolls and 1 meter length Dialysis Trial Kits.


  • 9 MWCO's ranging from 100 - 1,000,000 Daltons
  • Rigidly controlled porosity for better selectivity & separations
  • Ultrapure, does not interfere with macromolecular activity & function
  • 4 Tubing flat-widths (diameters) for a range of sample volumes
  • No glycerin removal or pretreatment required

Biotech CE Dialysis Tubing - 10 m/roll

Economy packaging provides a 10-meter supply of a particular CE tubing MWCO & flatwidth to meet the demands of continuous & frequent dialysis applications.
Product Specifications:
Properties:Hydrophilic, symmetric porosity
9 MWCO's:100-500 D, 500-1,000 D, 3.5-5 kD, 8-10 kD, 20 kD, 50 kD, 100 kD, 300 kD & 1,000 kD
4 Flat Widths:10 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm & 31 mm
Qty & Pkg:10 meter/roll, wet in 0.05% sodium azide

NEW! Biotech CE Dialysis Trial Kit - 1 m/kit

Ideal for small tubing demand applications or evaluating a specific dialysis membrane, the Trial Kit provides 1 meter of tubing with a pair of tubing closures and 5 opening picks.
Product Specifications:
Properties:Hydrophilic, symmetric porosity
9 MWCO's:100-500 D, 500-1,000 D, 3.5-5 kD, 8-10 kD, 20 kD, 50 kD, 100 kD, 300 kD & 1,000 kD
1 Flat Width:16 mm
Kit Includes:1 m Biotech CE Tubing in 0,05% sodium azide
2 Universal Tubing Closures
5 opening picks

Ordering Information: Biotech CE Dialysis Tubing & Dialysis Trial Kits

Biotech CE Membrane
Dialysis Tubing
(10m / Roll)

Dialysis Kit
(1m / Kit)


Vol/L:0.32 ml/cm0.79 ml/cm1.8 ml/cm3.1 ml/cmVol/L:0.79 ml/cm

0,1 - 0,5


0.5 - 1.0131084131090131093131096131090T
3.5 - 5131192131198131201131204131198T
8 - 10131264131270131273131276131270T

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