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Customized Dialysis Tubing & Membrane

Tubing unrolling from box

SpectrumLabs.com offers GMP customization capabilities to provide dialysis membrane products tailored and ready-to-use for specific applications and OEM component assemblies. While rolled dialysis tubing may be sufficient for occasional research dialysis, many multi-batch applications require additional routine processing and handling of dialysis membrane to prepare it for a particular use or assembly step. A customized dialysis membrane product designed to fit your application saves processing time, minimizes handling, stream-lines assembly production and reduces manufacturing costs.

Membrane Selection - Smart Dialysis

The first step is selecting the "right membrane". To achieve optimal dialysis, it is important to employ the "right membrane" based on the particular requirements and conditions of the dialysis application. Spectrum offers the largest selection of dialysis membrane types, treatments, MWCO's and tubing flat-widths. more >

Pre-cut & Individually Packaged Dialysis Tubing Lengths

Any of Spectrum's dialysis tubing can be pre-cut into a pre-determined length as defined by the sample volume. Each cut piece can then be individually packaged or packaged for batch quantities.

Displaying flat tubing with closures

Pre-cut or Rolled 1-Ply Dialysis Membrane

Many of Spectrum's dialysis tubing can be pre-cut into discs, sheets, strips or squares ready for assembly into assay kits, ready-to-use devices or dialysis systems. Dialysis membrane also can be provided as a specified rolled length of 1-ply ribbon.

Tubing Closures

To make a pre-cut tubing length a more complete and ready-to-use product, dialysis tubing closures can be applied and included within the individual packaging.

Pre-wetted or Pre-treated Membranes

Dry tubing lengths and 1-ply membrane can be pre-wetted or pre-treated to remove heavy metals and sulfides prior to being wet-packaged, ready-to-use for the application.

Pre-Irradiated for Sterility

Any of Spectrum dialysis products can be pre-irradiated by E-beam to minimize the risk of microbial contamination in a dialysis application. Wet membrane products are packaged in DI water without azide preservative prior to irradiation.

Contact Customer Service for help customizing a dialysis membrane product for your application.
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