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KrosFlo® Automatic Backpressure Valve

Automated Transmembrane Pressure or Permeate Back Pressure Control

KrosFlo Backpressure Valve in use with Single-Use Flow path
The KrosFlo Automatic Backpressure Valve when used with the KrosFlo Research IIi or KrosFlo MiniKros Pilot Tangential Flow Filtration Systems controls the transmembrane pressure (TMP) or permeate back pressure during tangential flow filtration processes. When attached to the retentate line, the valve automatically opens and closes to maintain a user defined TMP. For flow control, the valve is attached to the permeate line and automatically opens and closes to maintain a user defined permeate back pressure. Spectrum's automatic backpressure valve reduces the chance of membrane fouling by maintaining a uniform TMP throughout the process run, reduces operator process management time and decreases tangential flow filtration processing time by maintaining a more uniform gel-layer. Three sizes of the valve are available to accommodate different flexible tubing types and sizes. Part number ACPC-F16-01N is designed for use with L/S #13, #14 and #16 tubing with up to 1/4" OD. Part number ACPC-F17-01N is designed for use with L/S #15, #17 and #73 tubing with up to 5/8" OD. Part Number ACPC-F82-01N is designed for use with L/S #73 and #82 tubing with up to 1" OD.

Ordering Information:

Product No.Description

ACPC-F16-01NKrosFlo Automatic Backpressure Valve for use with 1/8" to 1/4" OD tubing, 110V/220V. (L/S #13, 14, #16 tubing)
ACPC-F17-01NKrosFlo Automatic Backpressure Valve for use with 3/16" to 5/8" OD tubing, 110V/220V. (L/S # 25, 17, 18, 15, 24, 35, 36 and I/P # 26, #73)
ACPC-F82-01NKrosFlo Automatic Backpressure Valve for use with 0.75" to 1" OD tubing, 110V/220V. (I/P # 82, #70, 88, #89)

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