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Why Spectrum?
The Fiber with the Competitive Edge!

Spectrum combines the advantages of a hollow fiber membrane geometry with the greater efficiency of Tangential Flow Filtration to offer the best disposable microfiltration and ultrafiltration products on the market. Much like the human circulatory system, our Hollow Fiber Tangential Flow Filtration (HF TFF) membranes and systems quickly and efficiently separate R & D to production scale volumes of valuable product with higher yields. Only Spectrum provides all this at such low pricing that disposability is not only possible, it's preferable.

Tangential Flow vs. Dead-End Filtration    …less Fouling

Dead-end filtration results in a build up of product on the membrane surface that may damage product, lower recovery and "foul" the membrane. Fouling impedes the filtration rate until it eventually stops. Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) involves the recirculation of the retentate across the surface of the membrane. This gentle "cross flow" feed acts to minimize membrane fouling, maintains a high filtration rate and provides higher product recovery since the sample remains safely in solution. Spectrum has taken microfiltration and ultrafiltration to a much more efficient level by offering a full line of disposable hollow fiber tangential flow filtration (TFF) membranes.

Hollow Fiber vs. Flat Sheet    …higher yield, direct scalability & greater SA

Whether stacked or spiral wound, flat sheet membranes require the product stream to spread across the entire surface of the individual sheets prior to recirculation. This nonuniform flow path causes build up and loss of product in "membrane corners" that see slower flow rates. Consequently flat sheet TFF is not directly scalable. Hollow Fiber (HF) membranes offer the efficiency of uniform flow through the lumen without product loss and build up because there are no "corners". Furthermore, this flow path uniformity within the fiber lumen as well as amongst all the fibers in the filter module allows TFF to be directly scalable from R & D to Production. Spectrum offers a full line of directly scalable microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes that provide a higher product yield.


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