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Process Filtration Literature

Process FiltrationLiterature Type
Catalogs & Publications
Laboratory Product CatalogCatalog
ABC's of Filtration & BioprocessingReference Book
NEW - mPES Hollow Fiber Filter ModulesBrochure
NEW - mPES Hollow Fiber Filter ModulesData Sheet
mPES Hollow Fiber Filter ModulesBrochure (Chinese)
KR2i TFF SystemBrochure
KMPi TFF SystemBrochure
KTF TFF SystemsData Sheet
KTF TFF SystemsData Sheet
Module-Bag-Tubing SystemsAdvertisement
Cleaning Nanoparticles with KrosFlo TechnologyBrochure
Instructions for Use
KrosFlo® Research 1 Peristaltic PumpInstruction Manual
KrosFlo Research 1 Pump System, Stand KitAssembly Instructions
Hollow Fiber Modules Preparation & Instruction GuideInstruction Manual
KR2i TFF System Instructions for UseInstruction Manual
KMPi TFF System Instructions for Use Instruction Manual
KrosFlo Research II Digital Pressure MonitorInstruction Manual
KrosFlo Research II PumpInstruction Manual
KrosFlo Reasearch II TFF SystemInstruction Manual
MicroKros® & MidiKros® Hollow Fiber ModulesInstruction Manual
KrosFlo SIP, Size BInstruction Manual
KrosFlo SIP, Size CInstruction Manual
MiniKros Sampler SystemInstruction Manual
MiniKros Pilot SystemInstruction Manual
CultureGard® HF Perfusion FiltersInstruction Manual
Permeate ScaleInstruction Manual
KrosFlo LDF-37 SystemInstruction Manual
Applications Notes
Diafiltration Using Hollow Fiber MembranesApplication Note
Bio-Process Up-DateApplication Note
Cleaning Uniform Latex Particles using DiafiltrationApplication Note
Recombinant CHO Cell Separation & Protein HarvestApplication Note
Escherichia coli Vaccine Cell ConcentrationApplication Note
Escherichia coli Lysate Cell Debris RemovalApplication Note
Disposable HF Modules vs. Flat Sheet CasesettesApplication Note
Conversion of Bioreactors to Continuous PerfusionApplication Note
Purification of Single-wall Carbon NanotubesApplication & Instructions
Single-Use Solutions for Complex ProcessesApplication Note
Purification of Nanoparticles by Hollow Fiber DiafiltrationApplication Note
Technical Information
HF Filter Modules Standard Product Number KeyTable
Table of Virus FamiliesTable
ROI Hollow Fibers vs CassettesCommercial Comparison
Quality Documents
Hollow Fiber ModulesQuality Certificate

Filtration Resources:

Fundamentals of Filtration
Spectrum's Competitive Edge
Our HF Membranes vs. Others
Scalability of Process Modules
Application Guide
Chemical Compatibility Chart
Pore Size Chart
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